After a certain age, each day seems to bring a new change in your body. Most noticeable is the decrease in moisture and sagging skin that shows on your face – but have you thought about what those same changes are doing to the tissue of your vagina? The effects of the aging process, childbirth and hormone fluctuations on the skin and muscle in your vagina can leave you with problems such as vaginal laxity, dryness, urinary incontinence, and reduced sexual sensation. At Urogynecology Center NoVa, Dr. Maria Canter specializes in urinary incontinence and female sexual health, so she is proud to offer Viveve, a treatment that provides the only non-invasive, single treatment option to resolve a number of issues associated with aging. Viveve is a choice for women who desire a one-time, 30 to 50-minute procedure to improve symptoms of laxity or loss of sensation, changes in sexual function and urinary stress incontinence.


Like all body tissues, the skin and muscles in your vagina weaken and lose elasticity with age. Aging in the vaginal area can lead to many problems for women that disrupt their daily lives and affect their intimate relationships. Signs of aging can include:

Viveve® is the breakthrough treatment used to improve women’s lives through intimate wellness. The Viveve device delivers a noticeable tightening of the vagina for increased friction and pleasure during sexual intimacy, greater bladder control, and more youthful vaginal tissue.


The Viveve treatment uses clinically-proven cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to uniformly deliver gentle volumetric heating while simultaneously cooling delicate surface tissue. This unique technology stimulates the body’s natural collagen to give soft tissue in the vagina a more youthful tone and resiliency.

The radiofrequency (RF) technology used in the Viveve treatment utilizes integrated contact cooling to safely and effectively treat the conditions associated with vaginal aging. Viveve is clinically proven to:


Viveve treatment takes only one 30 to 50-minute treatment in our office. Most women don’t experience any side effects during or after the procedure. In most cases, you can return to normal activity immediately following your session. Dr. Canter recommends that you wait 48 hours after your treatment before having sexual intercourse to allow the treated tissue to begin healing and start the collagen restoration process.

Viveve is safe, and results can be seen very quickly after treatments, versus other devices that take time to rebuild the resurfaced tissue. Proven clinical studies substantiate its results, as does the 98% patient satisfaction rate in 2018. Most women feel some improvement within a few weeks, with a noticeable improvement in sensitivity, tightness, and reduction or elimination of stress incontinence within six to twelve weeks. Your vagina will continue to age naturally, but the Viveve treatment is designed to last for at least a year, if not longer.

If the problems associated with vaginal aging are affecting your quality of life, it may be time to discover what the Viveve treatment can do for you.


The InControl device offers several options to treat mild to severe urinary incontinence, as well as sexual function, including:

The Viveve RF technology works to stimulate the muscles of the pelvic floor, strengthening and rehabilitating those muscles to restore sensation and function.

InControl is cleared by the FDA to treat both stress and urge urinary incontinence, weak pelvic floor muscles, and an overactive bladder.

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