Urinary incontinence, while something that might seem embarrassing, is a common occurrence for women, especially after you have had children and are growing older. In fact, of the 25 million Americans over the age of 18 in the U.S. who suffer from some form of urinary incontinence, nearly 80 percent are women. Many women aren’t fully aware of how urinary incontinence is affecting their quality of life, and simply see it as something to “live with.” At Urogynecology Center NoVa, Dr. Maria Canter specializes in urinary incontinence, and she wants her patients to understand that while incontinence may be a natural side effect of aging, it does not have to be a permanent way of life. That’s why she now offers a completely nonsurgical, non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence – Emsella.



Most women view urinary incontinence, or loss of bladder control, as inconvenient or uncomfortable, but not really as something they should discuss with their doctor. However, it can be a serious issue – not only because it can be an indicator of more serious underlying health problems, but because it can have an adverse effect on your confidence and your relationships. Emsella is FDA approved to treat the following types of urinary incontinence:

If your struggles with urinary incontinence are causing you to change your lifestyle habits to accommodate potential accidents, it may be time to see Dr. Canter.


Emsella utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM), which works by inducing supramaximal muscle contractions in your pelvic floor. Supramaximal contractions are forced muscle contractions at a rate of approximately 11,000 contractions per Emsella session – that’s equivalent to doing 11,000 Kegel exercises in less than 30 minutes! The treatment stimulates the deep muscles of the pelvic floor, helping to re-educate the muscles and restore neuromuscular control.

The treatment focuses on the entire pelvic floor all at once, so that all of the muscles are strengthened equally. The goal of Emsella is to rehabilitate weakened pelvic muscles and restore neuromuscular control to the area, allowing you to get back to enjoying your life without the worries associated with urinary incontinence.


Unlike other noninvasive treatments, Emsella does not require anything but approximately 30 minutes of your time. In fact, it’s as simple as sitting – fully clothed – in a specially designed chair. The procedure is painless and free of side effects – you will most likely experience some tingling and be able to feel the contractions of your pelvic floor, but there is no pain or discomfort. Once you leave the office, you can return immediately to your daily activities with no restrictions and no downtime required.

The recommended course of treatment with Emsella is two sessions per week for three weeks, for a total of six sessions. Some patients see a decrease in symptoms after one treatment, and results will continue to improve with each session. Of patients treated with Emsella, 67 percent reduced or eliminated the use of pads for urinary incontinence, and 95 percent reported a significant improvement in their quality of life.

If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from urinary incontinence, it’s time to take back your confidence and your life.

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