Ever experience a decrease in arousal, orgasm, vaginal moisture or have increased discomfort with intercourse? Many women struggle with sexual dysfunction. Historically, there have been few, if any, potential options. Many women just “live with it” and yet they struggle with how this makes them feel about themselves and their relationships. This day in age, however, women are emerging as even more empowered and taking more control of not just their lives, but also their sex lives. I realize medicine has not traditionally been very concerned about sexual health, but it is important that we realize that sex is an important part of good health. It is healthy to be having sex, however, it can make you feel awful if things have changed and feel different than they used to. It can really affect self-esteem. Nowadays, we have options like the O-shot, a nonsurgical treatment that has gained more and more popularity over recent years as more data emerges. In fact, the O-Shot is now being used to treat urinary incontinence as well!

This procedure involves drawing a small bit of blood and spinning it down to extract the platelet rich plasma, or PRP. You may have heard of PRP being used to treat pain in the joints of professional athletes, to improve acial faesthetics with the Vampire Facial, or even to promote hair growth in those with thinning hair. With the O-shot, the PRP, containing many growth factors, is injected into specific areas of the vulva and vagina thereby triggering a regenerative process in the tissues. We plan to have upcoming clinical studies using PRP to improve quality of life in women.

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